Sycamore Plant Height, Benefits, Problems and Facts

Sycamore Plant Height, Benefits, Problems and Facts

Sycamore tree is beautiful and distinct from other plants. Thing that make this distinct from other is their shadow. It produces handsome bark on its massive trunks. There are 10 different types of sycamore plant, but it is a bit difficult to differentiate between them.


It grows around 80 to 100 feet long and spread. Its height makes it unique from others and give sycamore a beautiful shape. It has long life span so it grows slowly. Leaf size on color remain same in all the seasons but when they fall, color become yellowish brown.


They have some disease in common with other plants which cause canker, powdery mildew, bacterial leaf scorch and leaf spot. There are some insects that cause problem, some of them are aphids, scales, sycamore lace bug and bores. They have wide, large and aggressive roots, so it will be good if you grow this plant a bit away from your home. It’s roots sometime damage other trees. It will be better, if you keep this tree away from buildings. Longest sycamore recorded is 175 feet, and its trunk can grow 11 to 15 feet in diameter, that can be difficult to handle. Their excessive growth makes difficult for owner to maintain that plant.


Sycamore plants are majestic in nature, average height is 50 – 90 feet and they spread 30 to 60 feet in width, which makes it much more beautiful than other plants.

They are fast growing plants; they grow around 3 feet in a year. Their growth depends upon nutrition and fertilizers.

Excessive roots are common is some trees but, their roots are much more excessive then other trees that can damage buildings near them.

They develop multiple trunk, which cause wide and beautiful shadow.

They are one of the oldest trees on earth, because of their longest age and width.

Normally trees with longest height can’t survive in thunders, but due to 40 feet of width, they survive in every thunder storm.

They maximum age of sycamore recorded is nearly 600 years. Wood of this tree can be used for musical instruments, furniture and butcher blocks.


There are much benefits on this plant, I’ll explain some in this article. Seeds are their propagation material. With the help of their seeds, we can easily increase their quantity in wild. Their wide and large branches fulfil the habitat of many wild animals and birds, which includes macaws like Spix, Scarlet and Blue and Gold. We can easily collect fruit from its leaf drop. Stored seeds for 30 days at temperature of 41 degrees will give good growth to new plants.

Health Benefits

Leaves of sycamore plant are good for bone pain, neck hernia and waist pain. It provides benefit to skin burn. Their leaves are useful for quick healing wounds. It is use in most of antibiotics. Toothache is hardest and difficult pain to tolerate. Person suffering from this pain can’t even eat or drink anything. Sycamore leaves help to relieve toothache.

It is good for skin; you can use their dried leaves on your skin for cleansing. It can help in skin burn.

Feeding wild

There long height helps them to produce balls on the top of tree, that help wild parrots to get food from them and do nesting there. Some waterfowl eat the seeds on sycamore, that found inside the balls. Same seeds are favorite of many wild animals like squirrels, finches and muskrats etc.

Planting new Sycamore

The most important role of their ball is to produce seeds. That seeds are used to plant new sycamore trees, we have to gather several seed balls and bring them in your house to dry that on a paper for almost one week. When seed balls dry, they will break into several seeds. That seeds can be separated and stored. In the season of spring we can plant that stored seeds, but make sure to select suitable place for plant. There should be no building near that and where they can get needful sunlight. Over watering leads to death of plant so we have to take cake of over watering.

Some Questions

What is special about a sycamore tree?

Sycamore are tallest trees and they produce wide branches, so they are known for good shadows and help wild birds to get food from it. It helps wild parrots to do nesting at the top of trees.

Where do sycamore trees grow best?

As they are native to United States. They are mostly found in New York and in forest of California. They grow in warmer climate and native to large parts of Mexico.

What is the fruit of the sycamore tree called?

There are different types of sycamore, that grow different fruits. Names of some of their fruits are fig mulberry and sycamore fig.

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