Money Tree

Money Tree

Money Tree Money Tree (Pachira aquatica), a plant that has many legends and beliefs originating from China. Thats why some people call it chinese money tree. Although there are many

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Bonsai Tree Positioning, Shaping, Wiring and Care

Scientific name of bonsai tree is Juniperus chinensis. You can grow it inside of your home. They are beautiful mature trees that can be grown as indoor house plants. When


Olive Tree How Old Is Olive Tree? Fossil evidence indicates the angiospermous tree had its origins 20–40 million years ago within the Oligocene, in what’s now love Italy so the

Plane Tree

The plane tree naturally forms an upright stem which grows to an excellent height and becomes proportionately broad. Plan tree consist of sycamore leaf. The crown is finely shaped. The color of the bark varies consistent with the species, but

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